Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pony Painting Project for Equos Moon!

It's Equos Month (Horse Month) according to the Coligny Calender followed by my local Druid grove (Three Cranes Grove, Part of ADF) and one of the traditional things we do for the moon celebration (which was last Wednesday, the 6th of July) was decorating a horse (real or a figure) in honor of Epona the Celtic & Roman horse goddess. So I used this as an flimsy excuse to create a Great and Powerful Trixie figure on that day as well:

Starting Point for Trixie: an out of the box Rarity Figure (off point but why does she have Pipi Longstocking pigtails?).

Rarity gets a trim (hrm... maybe I should have dyed the hair green first before cutting it off... =P ).

A new base coat - and left to dry as I went to hang out with the Druids.

The Horse Figurine from the Equos Moon Rite on the altar.

The other side of the Horse Figurine from the Equos Moon Rite on the altar. Here you can see our well upon the altar (the world tree was symbolized by a close by pine, and the fire was the fire pit in the center of the nematon).

After being hit by some rainbow colored energy wave...
Cutie Mark Unlocked: Awesome!

The Otherside of the Flank

And add varnish, hair, and she's done - and on an owl for no apparent reason.

The Great and Powerful Trixie & Little Miss Stripey Hair (who will never have the show stopping abilities of the Great & Powerful Trixie!).

Trixie on a shelf in my library

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