Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beltane 2016

Beltane 2016
Honoring the Trooping Fairies
Conducted by Three Cranes Grove
Hickory Grove Shelter @ Blendon Woods Metropark
Westerville, Ohio
~60 People
5/1/2016 15:30 PM

"Kitsune no Yomeiri" by Asai Chû ( ~1907)

To preface this ritual write-up I had a knee injury when this rite happened so I could not fully participate in elements like the working which was a dance. I also barely made it to the ritual having a lot of things come up while I was trying to leave and delays along the way.

That said this rite had three altars set up to the right of the main area (west) the Nature Spirits, to the rear (North) the Ancestors, and the left (East) the Shining ones. The ritual was begun with a procession and since it was dedicated to the Trooping Fairies a good portion of the folk were invited to process around the rest of the group to represent the fey. I stayed with the group watching the procession on the fey due to my knee injury. Following the procession the out-dwellers (including those trooping fey who were “monstrous not in appearance but in intent”) were offered a sacrifice in return for not interfering with the rite. The Earth Mother was called upon followed by the Powers of Inspiration. The Folk were then led in a light hearted guided meditation going under the fairy mound.

Our Gatekeeper Garanus Crane was called upon and the gates were then opened. Those we could then stood up and began the processing main part of the ritual. First the folk processed to the altar of the Ancestors who were called. The Folk then processed the Nature Spirits altar who were called. And Finally the folk processed to the altar of the Shining Ones who were called upon.

It was then the time for public offerings. I offered Sake at the tree of the nature spirits to the Fox Spirits I work with and those of the area. I then offered incense to Brigid for helping heal my Knee as it had somewhat improved from the previous day when I had made a sacrifice asking for help during a ritual I conducted at home. After the public offering the trooping fey were called upon and another round of public offerings were held.

I offered a decent amount of copal resin to the trooping fey as an apology if I had committed any offense since I had some many obstacles getting to the ritual and before that earlier in the month was a lore meeting. Getting to that lore meeting was a major effort even though the meeting location was less than a block from my house. I kept losing things and had to go back ending up walking back and forth about nine times then after sharing some lore about the fey and similar magical creatures in folklore from the local area I encountered a large amount of hardship. This included my knee suddenly taking a massive turn for the worse – were it had before been healing very well it suddenly developed massive amounts of pain and a rush to the doctor. I also lost a few items that seem to have disappeared in transit. I also had a few issues at work where situations beyond my control came crashing down upon me in the past few weeks. I got a strong indication that I had offended then fey by sharing bits of local folklore I had tracked down and hopefully the gifts (and more in the future along with others I have offered) will help alleviate the offense.

Following the public sacrifices, the omens were taken from the Ogam by Shaneen:
From the Ancestors: Holly (Tinne), giving the gift of balance.
From the Spirits of Nature: Yew (Ioho), giving the gift of ancient wisdom.
And from the Shining Ones: Vine (Muin), giving the gift of inspiration.

The waters were then blessed and shared among the folk and the able processed to an area to perform the Crane Dance for the enjoyment and giving energy to the trooping fey. The Crane Dance was modeled on both the square dance and a West Country dance unfortunately (or fortunately due to my lack of grace) due to my knee I did not take part in the dancing.

Processing back the fey were then thanked followed by each of the kindreds individually. Garanus was called and thanked as the gates were closed. The Powers of inspiration were thanked and lastly the Earth Mother was thanked.

I had a lot mixed thoughts about the rite mostly at my misfortune that may have been coming from the spirits of the occasion. While for most among the folk it was a wimisical happy rite for me the goal was propitiation of the spirits. I've had some hopeful omens that this mess may be soon behind me and I remain hopeful going forward that the amends ares being made and the past few weeks of extreme troubles will be ending.