Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Derpy Reality Tunnels!

Ok, I need to stop now, I'm writing things like this reflecting on the hatred raised in the Derpy thing and before with the Ditzy Doo Vs. Derpy arguments and a few other things such as current American Society in general:

*In response to someone complaining about how the parents of the current generation were possibly more tolerant and inclusive (which is debatable on some matters)*

They also tended to indulge their children's wishes, and with the communications revolution these grown up children who are used to getting their own way and shaping everything can extend their reach over their own children. Also a major factor is the rise of more and more hard and reinforced reality tunnels by different subcultures in the US breaking off from the mainstream after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War with the calls to a united vision and front becoming less and less important in the loss of a major threat. With the loss of the Soviet Threat there was less resistance to the segmentation of society and the communications revolution of the 1980s & 1990s only accelerated this trend allowing subcultures to break off more and more from the mainstream with their own news, services, and other facilities which are completely controlled by the subcultures and which strictly reinforce and amplify their own reality tunnels. Take a look at right wing Christians and the massive 'alternative' infrastructure they have created with 'Christian Media', 'Christian Businesses' (indexed here in Columbus through the 'Christian Blue Pages' and the little 'Christian Business' signs I keep noticing popping up), and 'Christian' alternatives to almost everything mainstream (the mainstream being greatly scorned).

The great effect of all this is that people are more intolerant to things coming in from outside of their own reality tunnel and the things that poke in are also increasingly drowned out by the drumbeat of the subcultural beliefs. The sheer strength of the greatly reinforced beliefs in their own reality tunnel make the follower view them as kind of a 'Master view' that is inherently correct and should dominate the 'weaker' others and should override their signals by force if necessary. This has resulted in the massive disconnect between bronies and the mainstream audience and the internet wars of words over rather stupid things like this. Each subculture has become their own little Stalins attempting to airbrush everything counter to their views out of the photos of reality.

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