Saturday, October 1, 2016

I Dream of Mars

Before I head off to sleep - had an fun dream last night. I was on Mars and there was a bronze shield I could touch to turn into a griffon and then flew into a recently opened side of a hill or tell and into some ancient ruins of a civilization that was slightly advanced of our own.

This spot or city was remarkably preserved with the inside kind of hollow - some soft of shield that went up right before a catastrophic nuclear event. There were remnants of roads, some buildings, even what would have been an equivalent of a petrol station. I explored a bit - flying and trotting about as a griffion. It ended with something about being wary of the man who identifies himself as the mustached one, Hitler.

I'm guessing it was very much influenced by a good bit of Rune Soup stuff, Duterte in the news again this time comparing himself to Hitler (and previously saber rattling over the South China Sea), and possibly the griffon stuff in MLP all tossed into a blender.

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